Children in Laboratories

Faculty and staff should strive to provide a safe environment for Children visiting, volunteering or working in research laboratories.  In order for faculty or staff to meet the obligations of the Protection of Children Policy and receive the support of the University, faculty or staff shall:

  1. Fulfill the Requirements outlined in the Program Planning Checklist
  2. Obtain Criminal and Sexual Offender Background Checks
  3. Report Suspected Abuse or Inappropriate Behavior
  4. Register the Program with Risk Management & Safety (RMS)
  5. Comply with the RMS Safety Guidelines for Children in Laboratories


  1. Plan to register the Program with Risk Management & Safety (RMS) at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the Program
  2. List Program dates, times, locations, attendance (age range and number of participants).
  3. Determine Responsible Party contact information along with list of adults who will work directly with Children
  4. Establish a registration process for the Program.
  5. Develop a system for capturing contact information of parents/guardians
  6. Determine a process for pick-up and release of Children to parents/guardians
  7. Establish a process for the collection of waivers, medical information and other relevant documents.
  8. Plan how money will be handled.
  9. Determine need for food services, health services, housing, and other on-campus services.
  10. Discuss transportation needs to determine how those will be met.
  11. Work with the Office of Human Resources to ensure that a criminal and sexual background check has been completed within the last three years for any adult who will be involved in overnight stays with Children in the Program.
  12. Establish a process to ensure that anyone affiliated with the Program who is not an employee of the University, including non-student volunteers, has been subject to a criminal and sexual background check.
  13. Prior to the implementation of any Program involving Children, communicate the University's Core Values and Behavioral Expectations for Working with Children to all individuals involved in the Program.
  14. Identify any additional specific behavioral expectations related to the Program.
  15. Have each adult who will be working with Children in the Program complete the online training provided by Risk Management & Safety (RMS) at minimum every three years.
  16. Determine if the Unit should enhance or modify the required training to meet specific needs of the particular Program involved in consultation with RMS to ensure all required elements are included.
  17. Identify any contracts that will be required with individuals/companies providing services or for the use of off campus facilities.


The Responsible Party within the academic department must ensure that all non-student volunteers and non-university employees affiliated with a Program or event involving Children have been subject to a criminal background check (with each criminal check examining, at a minimum, the seven (7) year period prior to the check) in Indiana and their state of residence, and a check of the national sex offender registry, within the three (3) years prior to the commencement of the Program.

The Responsible Party within the academic department must also ensure that any University Representative who will be present in a facility with Children during an Overnight Stay undergo a criminal background check and a check of the national sex offender registry as outlined for non-student volunteers and non-university employees. 

Background checks are available through Human Resources by following these procedures:

  • Access the HR website at:
  • Select "Recruitment"
  • Select an Authorization Form for an employee or volunteer.  The appropriate Authorization Form must be completed and submitted via FAX to Human Resources at 574/631-8263. 
  • Once the Authorization Form has been submitted, select "Pre-Employment Form".  Once completed, this Form may be submitted electronically to Human Resources for processing.  Note that you will not receive confirmation that the Form has been submitted.
  • After 2-4 business days, you will be able to check the status of the Background Checks at:
  • The status offers two alternatives: "Cleared" implies that the Background Check was run and the results were acceptable;  "Pending" implies that the Background Check is either not complete or pre-adverse action has been taken.

Human Resources may be reached at 574/631-5900.


Indiana law requires anyone who has reason to believe that a Child is a victim of child abuse or neglect to make an oral report immediately to the local child protection service or the local law enforcement agency.  If the Child is on the Notre Dame campus, the appropriate law enforcement agency to contact is Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) (574-631-5555). NDSP is also available to assist in the contact of law enforcement agencies off-campus.   Off-campus, in an emergency or crisis situation, the best way to contact the appropriate law enforcement agency is to call 911.

Separate from any legal duty, any member of the University community should contact NDSP (574-631-5555) or the Integrity Line (800-688-9918) to discuss any suspicious, inappropriate or unusual conduct involving a Child while the Child is on campus or is participating in a University-connected activity off campus that would lead a reasonable person to have concern for the current or future well-being of that particular Child or other Children.

4. Register the Program with Risk Management & Safety (RMS)

5. Comply with the RMS Safety Guidelines for Children in Laboratories

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