COVID Protocol

As of August 25, 2021, minor children are allowed on campus for tutoring, service, camps and other programs with proper approval.   Faculty and/or staff members responsible for minor children while on campus must adhere to current COVID Protocol in addition to following the Protection of Children Policy requirements.

  • Faculty, staff and/or students must receive approval from the appropriate Dean, Manager, Supervisor or Advisor prior to bringing minor children on campus;
  • Student Clubs must receive approval from SAO before bringing children on campus;
  • Children are considered visitors to campus and must wear masks at all times (except while eating) whether they are inside or outside;
  • University faculty, staff and/or students who travel off-campus for service or other programming that will involve children (Boys and Girls Club, Homeless Center, RCLC, etc.) must wear a mask while inside buildings

Questions concerning this COVID policy may be referred to the COVID Response Unit or Barbara Davey (