Reporting Abuse or Inappropriate Behavior with Children

Indiana law requires anyone who has reason to believe that a Child is a victim of child abuse or neglect to make an oral report immediately to the local child protection service or the local law enforcement agency. If the Child is on the Notre Dame campus, the appropriate law enforcement agency to contact is NDPD (574-631-5555). If the Child is not on the Notre Dame campus, the best way to contact the appropriate law enforcement agency is to call 911 or the Department of Child Service at 1-800-800-5556.

Separate from  any legal duty, any member of the University community should contact NDPD (574-631-5555) or the Integrity Line (800-588-9913) to discuss any suspicious, inappropriate or unusual conduct involving a Child while the Child is on campus or is participating in a University-connected activity off campus that would lead a reasonable person to have concern for the current or future well-being of that particular Child or other Children.