Children in Laboratories

Faculty and staff should provide a safe environment for Children visiting, volunteering or working in research laboratories.  In order for faculty or staff to meet the obligations of the Protection of Children Policy and Laboratory Safety Requirements, and receive the support of the University, faculty and staff shall comply with the following protocols in and B:

A.      University Protection of Children Policy

  1. Program Registration
    • All Programs must be registered through the Protection of Children website with the Child Protection Program Manager in the Office of Institutional Equity at least 30 days prior to commencement of the program or event.
    • Programs will be registered through the online registration form.
  2. Background Checks
    • All adults, with the exception of Notre Dame students, that will be interacting with Children must go through a criminal background check and a check of the national sex offender registry every three years.
    • The Office of Human Resources, in consultation with the Office of General Counsel, will review any adverse findings and make appropriate recommendations.
    • Contact Human Resources regarding background checks at
  3. Waiver, Release and Indemnification Agreements
    • The Responsible Party must ensure that participant waiver, release and indemnification agreements are signed by a parent or legal guardian for each Child participating in a Program.
    • Waivers are available here.
    • The Responsible Party shall maintain the signed waivers for a period of fifteen (15) years.  Alternatively, signed waivers may be sent to Risk Management for archiving for this period.
  4. Notre Dame Students
    • The Responsible Party must ensure that each Student affiliated with a Program or event involving Children has completed a sworn statement or affirmation. 
    • The form is available here.
    • Guidance concerning a response in the sworn statement is available through the Office of General Counsel.
    • The Responsible Party shall maintain the completed sworn statement(s) or affirmation for a period of fifteen (15) years after te date of signature.
    • If students will participate in overnight stays with Children, complete background checks must be obtained.
  5. Training
    • All adults, including Notre Dame students,  working for or volunteering in a Program or event involving Children must go through training. 
    • Training is available here and must be completed every three years.
    • Evidence of completion of training will be required for audit purposes.
  6. Exemptions to the Protection of Children Policy
    • Events open to the general public not targeted at Children;
    • Social functions that may be attended by Children who are accompanied by their parents/guardians.
    • Organized school field trips or tours where minors are under the supervision of an authorized adult.
    • Programs expressly granted an exemption by Insurance and Financial Risk.  The request for an exemption form may be accessed here

*University Associate is defined as University faculty, staff, and students who come into contact with Children through their involvement in Programs, and volunteers not otherwise associated with the University who come into contact with Children through their involvement in Programs.

**The Responsible Party is defined as the adult ultimately responsible for the Program. 

B.     University Laboratory Safety Policy

  1. Review and comply with the requirements outlined in the Children in Laboratories Safety Guidelines