Virtual Programming with Children

The following protocol must be followed for virtual programming involving minor children:

1.  An approved University of Notre Dame web-based system such as Zoom must be used.   A prepared script should be posted to the Zoom call as a shared document with the attendees prior to the start of the program/discussion.  

2.  Two University of Notre Dame staff members should participate in the calls;  it is also acceptable to use one University staff member and one UND student.  Exceptions should be referred to Mariah Bures, Child Protection Program Manager,

3.  All calls must be recorded and stored;

4.  Parents or legal guardians of the minor child must sign a Statement of Responsibility, Waiver, Release and Indemnification Agreement;

5.  Student clubs and organizations must contact and receive approval from the Student Activities Office (SAO) prior to the start of any program involving children.  SAO shall make the final determination concerning the program.    

Additional information is available by contacting Mariah Bures, Child Protection Program Manager,